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The Tavistock Arts Festival 2019

07th July 2019

The Tavistock performing Arts Festival will be hosted on the 7th July from 12-9pm on Portobello Road, opposite Tavistock Square (W11 1LR). www.thetavistockfestival.london

There is an abundance of talent in West London; throughout all our schools and wards. Supporting a platform that offers the chance to perform in public; a challenge to rise to, a destination to meet and showcase your work to industry and enthusiasts, is our mission.

The Tavistock Arts Festival was setup as a community association of artists, residents and traders working towards support and celebration of local talent. We work annually to host an event that is as much a platform, as it is a party.

Established in 2004, we’ve staged five festivals so far and look to continue in 2019 with a more ambitious and memorable format, covering a pedestrianised portion of the Portobello, from Lancaster road to the Westway bridge; and all broadcast on Bluetooth headsets.