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Unfortunately, to use the Make your mark option you must be using a tablet or a desktop computer. Phones are not supported.


Welcome to 'Make your mark...' our online version of the annual 'Graffiti on the walls of the gallery - show'.

Please feel free to Make your mark on our site - whether to alleviate frustrations or to share enlightenment and we will look forward to seeing your creations on our virtual walls.

At the end of each year we will invite the most impressive creations to take part in an online group show and receive a canvas print of their work.

Please keep it clean and read the FAQ section for tips on how to use your tool box and we will look forward to seeing your creations...


1. Pen
2. Eraser
3. Line
4. Square
5. Move canvas
6. Eye dropper (choose colour from canvas)

7. Canvas background colour

8. Ink colour
9. Fill colour (for square only)
10. Pen size

11. Clear canvas
12. Undo / redo
13. Zoom out / zoom in / zoom level