Laura Cowley

Laura Daisy Cowley is a London based artist. Her work presents evasions of closure, denials of decay and highly authored repeated moments that highlight a tension between constructed ideas of the natural and forms reproduced by technology. The lens through which the work is created is distorted (and perhaps clarified) by the experience of disability.  

Yuichiro Kikuma

Yambe Tam's creative practice examines the evolution of consciousness and its triggers, process, and effects on the human psyche. This process is something both sacred and profane, bridging science and religion, spiritual and bodily experience. Consequently, her research spans the fields of cognitive science, psychology, theoretical physics, theology, and Buddhist philosophy. Her work is also informed by her personal experience with contemplative practices to observe and reshape her subconscious. The paintings, sculptures, and installations she creates combine ancient materials with contemporary processes, for example lost wax bronze casting, oil painting, gilding, weaving, laser cutting, and CNC machining. Many of her pieces act as conduits that, when experienced altogether, recreate the experience of transcendence itself.

Yambe Tam