Visiting Artists

Alisha Mir creates an environment where the uncanny is the reality of that world ‘inside’ the drawings and the surfaces they lay upon. Interstitial hybrids are real here and the work is a freeze frame of a dream-like trance or state that appears almost ghost like, ephemeral. Mir’s work consists of acid etchings on steel; she has been interested in the ‘fantastic’ relating to the uncanny...which to her is an oscillation between what I there and what is created, she find the in-between state quite curious, the world of human- animal hybrids play an important part in her work.
The way in which Mir has used steel, as the viewer you will be presented with the work face to face and will see an illustration straight away but not all at once as the wall sculptures demand that you move along or step back in order to fathom it. She deliberately tampers with the surface - there is interference when viewing the work that relies on the light or lack thereof, this gives a lenticular holographic illusion to the work.

Previous events

06th April 2017

META- by Alisha Mir

The Muse Gallery proudly presents META- Alisha Mir 06.04-23.04.2017 Private…


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